YouTube Fix : Daily Limit Exceeded / Quota Exceeded

Update : 13 July 2017
Added our HowToKodi – API Key, API Id en API Secret.

Also receiving the YouTube message that the data limit is exceeded? Then we have a solution here!

You only need to modify some “Advanced” and “API” settings in Youtube.

Kodi > Videos > Video add-ons > YouTube > Settings > tabblad “Advanced”
Kodi > Videos > Video add-ons > YouTube > Settings > tabblad “API”

Solution 1:
Easiest way to fix it.

Go to tab “Advanced” in Youtube Settings:
Turn Support alternative player on, and raise the Cache Size (MB) value to 20.Kodi Addon YouTube advanced Settings

Go to tab “API” in YouTube Settings:
Adjust “Use Preset API key set” number to “4” or “5“.Kodi Addon Youtube settings API

By default, this YouTube add-on setting is set to “1”.
Because everyone use this the data limit setting “1”, the data limit is quickly reached and the message appear.

Solution 2:
(This solution is more for advanced users.)

Customize “Enable Personal API Keys“.

To fix this, we refer you to the Kodi-forum. The post is well described by the creator of Youtube addon. Here’s how you can create an API key by Google.

Kodi Addon YouTube API

For our “How To Kodi” viewers, we have created an API code.

  • API Key : AIzaSyClvQA4Zjs3ZwWBkjVG4hlMrT98JnINDII
  • API Id :
  • API Secret : 3yx32MD6F0IrqvomEveVZk1D