Install Colossus Build on Kodi

Update : 6 June 2018

Discontinued – Ceased – Shut down !?
This add-on :
  – is deleted from the repository;
  – ceased to exist;
  – does not work anymore;

Colossus Build is an all in one Kodi solution.

This Build is light, fast, neat and packed with alot of add-ons.
After the installation, you can straightaway enjoy Films, TV Shows, Sport and lots more…..

[Kodi 17 Krypton | Installation manual]
Step 1 

  • Open Kodi
  • Select Settings ( Tandwiel Icon - Settings Icon – Upper Left)
  • Select System settings
  • Turn on Unknown sources at Add-ons
  • Select Yes

Step 2

  • Go back to the System Screen (1 x Back/Escape)
  • Select File manager
  • Select Add source
  • Select < NONE >
  • Type the following EXACTLY:
  • Select the highlighted box underneath “Enter a name for this media source
  • Type: *KodiStuff
  • Select OK

Step 3

  • Go back to your Kodi Home Screen (2 x Back/Escape)
  • Select Add-ons
  • Select Add-on Browser ( Box Icon 2 - Kodi Add Browser Icon – Upper Left)
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Select *KodiStuff
  • Select -SMASHWizard(check for updates after installed).zip. Be patient. Might take awhile.

Step 4

  • Select Continue
    Kodi Addon SmashWizard Continue

  • Select Build Menu
    Kodi Addon SmashWizard Build Menu

  • Select [17.3] Colossus (v1.2 | Rating 7.2/10)
    Kodi Build Colossus Select

  • Select (SMASH) Fresh Install or (SMASH) Standard Install
    Kodi Build Colossus Install

  • Select Continue if chosen [ (SMASH) Fresh Install ] or Yes, Install if chosen [ (SMASH) Standard Install ]
    Kodi Build Colossus Install Yes

Step 5

  • Wait for download and the installation to finish untill you see Force close
    Kodi Build Colossus Download

    Kodi Build Colossus Download Force Close

  • Close Kodi ( On Android-box, Power off / on the box )
  • Open Kodi
  • Wait a few minutes untill Colossus Build has finished updating all the addons