Breaking news from the Kodi world today (16 november 2017) after the Colossus Repo, Covenant, Bennu, jsergio123, Alpha, Smash, Ares, and others went dark and offline without any notice. A lots of repos are not available anymore! More info….

TIP : Are you looking for a Kodi add-on, please check first whether the relevant repository of that add-on is still working. If the repository is OFFLINE/DELETED, you can not install the Kodi add-on you want to install.

Due to the recent dropout of many repositories, lots of addons can no longer be installed.
We do our best to update our content as quickly as possible.

Kodi® is ideal for watching movies, videos and TV shows. It is free to download for many platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, jailbroken iOS versions and the Raspberry Pi.

From now on, HowToKodi also offers a solution to watch your favorite Movies and TV Shows without Kodi. Instead of the familiar Kodi Add-ons, APK files is used. These APK files can be directly installed on an Android device.
Try it out and see if this is ideal for you! You will find these apps in category APK. New APKs will only be available on our website if they are tested and approved by us!

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